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Laxkids is a skill building lacrosse program for children ages 3-10.

Our goal is to teach the game of lacrosse through educational theory and skill development. 
We are elementary educators and former Division I lacrosse athletes. We have master's degrees in education and 10+ years of experience in the classroom and coaching on the field. We have coached at the college, elite, high school, and youth level. Most organizations, lacrosse clubs, and recreational programs start training children 10 years of age and older. We realized that we were missing out on the most influential and key developmental years of a child. It takes a unique set of skills and strategies to teach young children. LaxKids provides the foundational skills of the game in a fun environment. We engage the children with water shooters, parachutes, snowballs, bubbles, obstacle courses, pinatas, relay races and more. Your child will have a ton of fun as they learn this great game. All of our coaches are qualified and trained to teach young children.

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Our Programs

We offer boys and girls programs for multiple 

ages & skill levels 

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Our Locations

We are growing every season, with new locations throughout New Jersey & the east coast. 



We are a skill development and knowledge based clinic. Therefore, our equipment requirements are minimal and cost effective. We will loan you a trial stick upon request. We strongly recommend that beginner girls purchase a soft stick. Soft sticks are available to purchase for $20.00,  It is strongly suggested that for comfort and practice reasons, each child have their own equipment.

3-6 year old Girls & Boys- Soft Stick Recommended 

7-10 year old Girls- Girls Lacrosse Stick 

7-10 year old Boys- Boys Lacrosse Stick

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